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Cpanel FAQ

How can I Access CPanel and Webmail behind a corporate proxy server ?
–> Hexahost has created some usefule functionality to manage your website behind corporate proxy server.
–> use and over port 80 so that you can still access cPanel and your webmail behind a proxy server.Simply replace with the name of your website.

How to Upload files to Cpanel Web Hosting panel ?
Hexahost offers web hosting control panel Cpanel to simplify web hosting service.
There are multiple ways to upload files to web hosting control panel.
–> Login to Cpanel in file Section click on ‘File Manager‘ and scroll down to the directory you wish to put the files in.
–> You can also use any FTP client to upload files. You need to create FTP account.
Rexahost creates an FTP account against you. This information has been shared as part of web hosting acccount creation.

How to Change File permission in Cpanel ?
Login to Cpanel(use Hosting credentials received during signup).
–>Access ‘File Manager
–> Browse through directories
–>’Right Click’ on required files
–> Use Change permission option to add executable, Read and Write permission
–> Do not add all permissions, 755 should be good enough to satisfy most of the app requirements.

How to Add/Edit/Delete MX record in Web Hosting control panel – Cpanel ?
Misconfiguring your MX entries can completely disable your ability to receive mail.
If you are unsure which option to choose, contact your system administrator.
–> Login to CPanel, Access email section and click ‘MX Entry‘.
–> Under Add New Record, set the priority for the new MX entry, keeping in mind that 0 is the highest priority.
–> In the Destination text box, type the hostname of the new mail exchanger.
–> Click Add New Record to store the changes.
To Delete an MX entry:
–> Under MX Record section choose the appropriate action.
–> Click Delete next to the appropriate MX entry, in the MX Records list.
–> Confirm that the entry should be deleted by clicking Delete again.
To Edit an MX entry:
–> Click Edit next to the appropriate MX entry, in the MX Records list.
–> Change the Priority or Destination as needed.
–> Confirm that the entry should be changed by clicking Edit again.

Can I set up a password protect directories ?
Yes! You can set up password protected directories through the Control Panel. It is a very simple process. Just select the directory which you want to protect and choose username and password. That’s all.
This feature may be useful for those who want to run a website with private sections(e. g. admin area). If you protect the folder where are the private files stored you will increase the security.

How can I Manage Multiple domains through one cPanel account ?
Managing multiple domains with one cPanel account is simplified with addon domains feature.
–> Your account will have a main domain associated with it in order to keep track of the account.
–> Then, simply add more domains through the Addon Domains area in cPanel.
–> You will probably want to add them outside of your public_html directory in order to keep track of them easily.
Your main domain will be located at /home/username/public_html. You can then add domains in directories like this:
* ? /home/username/
* ? /home/username/
If you follow that directory structure, you can provide FTP or WebDAV access to 1 of the domains without having to provide access to your other domains.

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